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Fresh Organic

Vegetable Boxes

Delivered from our farm to your door

We deliver our vegetable boxes on Thursdays. You can choose to have your box delivered weekly, fortnightly, or as a one off if you prefer to try one first.

The contents of the box varies depending on whats in season and how much is available at the time of packing.  We prefer to produce all our veg here on the farm, but on occasion we may need to source alternative organic produce, always locally as possible.  

We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time as it may vary slightly depending on traffic, weather, number of deliveries per week etc.  However since the delivery route will remain similar week to week, delivery time is likely to be around the same time each week.


Please give us instructions of where to drop your box if you happen to be out during drop off.  Somewhere protected from the elements is best.

If you are interested in ordering a box, please fill out our sign up form and for more details about our services see our veg box policy.


Small Box 
£14 - Delivered
£13 - Farm Pick-up
+£1.50 extra for 'double mixed salad bag'


Large Box
£19.50 - Delivered £18.50 - Farm Pick-up
+£1.50 extra for 'double mixed salad bag'

Contains 7 items

Contains 10 items and greater volume of certain items

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