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The Natural Vegetable Company is located at the southwestern edge of Inverness, and was established in 2003.

We grow a complete range of seasonal veg that are possible to grow in the north of Scotland, both outside in the field and also in large polytunnels.

We are able to supply local restaurants and also deliver vegetables to local households via our veg box scheme. 

All of our vegetables are organically produced, as we feel this is the kindest way to treat the health of the land and other life including us humans.  We are certified by The Soil Association (registration number: SG8995

The vegetables delivered reflect what's in season and range from summer crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, courgettes etc... to winter crops like winter roots, kales, cabbages, leeks etc...  

One of our specialties are our salad leaves that we can supply for almost 10 months of the year and are popular with our local restaurants due to their freshness and flavour.

The Team

...and we have a small team.  Being a veg grower, working on your own can be a little isolating so when there are big jobs to do we work side by side and we all have our strengths and weaknesses...

Mum tractor.jpg

Maggie - (Leaf Lady / Mad Mags)

Well she kick started the Natural Vegetable Company back in 2003 and is very passionate about the fact that you can take a relatively small area of land in the north of Scotland and grow a complete range of seasonal veg from wee seeds... pretty amazing really.

Those seeds then end up producing plants out in the field or in a polytunnel to eventually produce the freshest, tastiest veg as you will get. 


Being a grower also fulfills her need to be doing something creative and useful! 

Cat with Fennel.jpeg

Catriona - 'Cat'

Catriona or 'Cat' as she is known, is unlike most cats... a dog lover... and anything else cute and cuddly and funny to look at.  As with the rest of the team, she cheerfully gets stuck in about the jobs for the day.

When not on the farm she is pursuing other creative studies... playing the pipes and creating clothes up-cycling.  


Iain enjoys the physical nature of many of the farm jobs and regularly discovers more efficient ways of working.

As well as picking and packing different veg crops, at the end of the day he also enjoys discovering new recipes and ways of cooking the veg.


Pepper & Lily

Seen here on guard outside the polytunnel, they warn us of any approaching visitors whom they love to meet.

They keep the rest of the team company and also with their large noses are particularly good at hunting down mice and voles which can cause mass destruction of seeds (particularly peas and beans) and some root veg such as carrots, beetroot and potatoes.

Pepper and Lilly band photo.jpg

Come visit us

Type 'Natural Vegetable Company into google maps and it will take you to our road end. Follow the forestry track up and take a right at the Makar workshop, we're at the end. 

If not using maps, from Inverness, drive along the Dores road, pass the Torbreck road turn off on the left (past white building) and prepare to take the next left onto a dirtroad signpoasted 'Makar and Natural Veg Company.  Stick to the right on the way up the track and we're at the end.

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